National newspaper is prejudiced and skewing halal debate, says MP

Sun Halal Secret of Pizza ExpressMP Yasmin Qureshi has accused national newspapers of prejudice in the debate over the ethics of halal and kosher meat. The MP for Bolton South East spoke in parliament over the practice of slaughtering meat in line with Islamic law.

The issue hit the headlines last week after The Sun newspaper reported how restaurant Pizza Express serves halal chicken without stating it on its menu. In the House of Commons Ms Qureshi slammed the publication for “skewing the debate” without fully informing people about studies which show Islamic slaughter – via a deep incision to a vein in the neck – is less painful to animals than stunning them first.

She said: “The newspaper that is going on about halal meat does not talk about experimentation on animals, which is real cruelty. We know that it just wants to have a go at one particular group of people.

“No one wants to talk about the science, because the accepted wisdom goes with the prejudice that I am sorry to say certain newspapers in this country show towards certain groups without looking at the evidence.

“We should have a proper scientific debate about slaughtering, because the evidence is out there. Concern is perpetuated because most people do not know how the halal or kosher methods of slaughter take place.”

Bolton News, 15 May 2014