40 reasons why Tariq Ramadan is a reactionary bigot (according to the AWL)

“Behind Ramadan – urbane, reasonable sounding – stand the Islamists of the MAB/Muslim Brothers. Ramadan is the reasonable face of Islamic politics, and he is the thin end of the wedge…. we need to understand that attempts to shout down Marxist critics of Ramadan with demagogic accusations of ‘Islamophobia’ and even ‘racism’ are absurd.”

The Alliance for Workers Liberty resumes its campaign against Tariq Ramadan – not entirely unconnected with the fact that Professor Ramadan was addressing a meeting at NUS conference this week.

AWL website, 4 April 2005

Predictably, the Islamophobic warmongers at Harry’s Place are eager to endorse the AWL’s attack on Professor Ramadan – even though it’s quite obvious that most of them have only the barest idea who Tariq Ramadan is or what he stands for. He’s an “Islamist”, after all, so he must be a reactionary bigot, mustn’t he?

See here.

(It is, however, worth scrolling through the comments for some more reasoned posts, notably by “sonic” and Stephen Marks.)