A far-right Christian warns against Islam

Should one offer unlimited love on all occasions to the neighbour who seeks your destruction? Surely not! This is not the Biblical message as far as I am concerned. Yet this is precisely what the Church is doing by embracing Islam. It is holding to its naked bosom the viper that has reaffirmed its dedication, down the centuries, to the total destruction of our Christian Church. Its mission of oblivion for our Church, first formulated on the sands of Arabia and reaffirmed a million times since – even up until the present day – has not been moderated or even modified, far less rescinded at any time since!

The fact that the viper hasn’t bitten on the first occasion, or the second or, indeed, the hundredth is no guarantee of reciprocated brotherly love, anymore than it is a safeguard against that fatal bite – which will inevitably be struck – if that religion is to be true unto itself. For the Church to embrace Islam, even in its “moderate” form – which is, after all, merely the reverse of the same coin struck bearing its founding image of fundamentalism and intolerance – is to embrace its own destruction and constitutes folly, may I say, of biblical proportions.

The devil takes shapes in many ways to deceive those who believe in God.

A BNP-sympathising Christian reacts to Channel 4’s Dispatches programme.

BNP news report, 17 January 2007