A modest proposal for dealing with Islam

“The average American knows the so-called war on terror is not really a war on terror. He knows in his gut that what’s happening is that we are fighting another war with Islam. That’s what it is, no matter what the politicians say….

“As long as a liberal ideology of tolerance prevails in the West, Islamic terrorist will strike at will. It is a simple matter of Islam taking the liberal ideology of the West and turning this ideology against itself. It is the great irony of liberalism that by being tolerant it undermines its own existence. Liberalism now goes out of its way to encourage those who want to overthrow it. When confronted with an aggressive and intolerant force like Islam, tolerance ends with its own extinction….

“Deportation of Muslims from Western societies is not a picture the liberal press wants to see, but it may be necessary to do this. With their reluctance to assimilate, more so in Europe than in the United States, Muslim ghettos are breeding grounds for terrorists.”

Robert Klein Engler writes.

ChronWatch, 16 July 2005