Another anti-Muslim rant from Jon Gaunt

Jon_Gaunt“Brown, Reid, Cameron and even the Charlie Caroli of the constabulary, Ian Blair, are talking the talk on terrorism. But as per usual it will be just words again rather than action…. Our self-serving pigs at Westminster need to develop the backbone of their French counterparts. Two weeks ago the French removed the security clearance for 70 workers at Charles de Gaulle airport who they suspected of having terrorist sympathies…. The French aren’t bothered about the pathetic Human Rights Act….

“Labour have given a safe haven to every extremist and crackpot the rest of the world has wanted to hang and shoot. They’ve let them jump the housing queue, pick up vast amounts in handouts and given them free operations…. If they have had the misfortune of being banged up, they’ve been given special privileges, special meals and had cells converted to prayer rooms…. Appeasers in charities, the Press and even Parliament itself bleat about the the suspects’ human rights and access to justice while they plot to kill us on the Tube.

“To add insult to injury, when up to 200,000 of the community say they support the aims of the 7/7 bombers they are rewarded with road shows, more handouts and sympathy about the Islamophobia and intolerance that they are facing.”

Jon Gaunt in The Sun, 14 November 2006