‘Anti-Muslim’? – not me guv, says Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer ponders the question: “am I indeed, and is the entire Jihad Watch enterprise, ‘anti-Muslim’?” The answer, you’ll be surprised to hear, is no – though “the jihadists and their allies would say yes”.

Spencer observes: “If jihadists use the Qur’an, Sunnah, and Islamic law to justify their violence, and I explain how they do it, I do not become anti-Muslim, any more than a scholar of the Hitler period becomes a Nazi if he writes about how the Nazis appealed to ordinary Germans.”

Yusuf Smith gets a name check as someone who, in an earlier exchange with Spencer, supposedly “saw a call for equality of rights for women and non-Muslims in Islamic societies, including freedom of conscience, equality in laws regarding legal testimony, and equal employment opportunities, as a challenge to his religion”.

Jihad Watch, 19 October 2005