Aussie Islamophobe defends Howard

“Here, as in Britain and the US, Muslim organisations have deliberately installed themselves as permanent aliens and adapted a culture of constant carping about the majority, from whom they maintain their isolation with such bitter determination. Language, culture and secular values unite the English-speaking West. These values have been an attraction to millions.

“But not since World War II have those values been under such sustained attack. This time, it’s coming from the very migrants who might have been expected to show gratitude for being generously received in the nation of their choice – and finding solace in the protection of the system they say they despise. John Howard was at his most diplomatic when he said: ‘There is a section, a small section of the Islamic population, and I say a small section … which is very resistant to integration. Fully integrating means accepting Australian values’.”

Piers Akerman in the Daily Telegraph (Australia), 3 September 2006