Ban public servants wearing headscarves – Dutch opinion poll

A majority of the Dutch public wants a new law to ban public servants from wearing headscarves or “other Islamic attire”, a new poll has found. Polling organisation TNS Nipo carried out the research for the latest edition of independent magazine Binnenlands Bestuur.

Expatica, 5 August 2005

Needless to say, this meets with approval of Rebecca Bynum: Dhimmi Watch, 7 August 2005

The news is also greeted enthusiastically by the fascists of the BNP, who seem to be getting a lot of their inspiration from Ms Bynum and her colleague Robert Spencer these days: “Once again plucky Netherlanders are unravelling the multi-cultural experiment forced upon them by decadent and traitorous politicians. Seen for years as the most easy going, tolerant and liberal nation in Europe, the Dutch people are fighting back to reclaim their society from the twisted multi-culturalists.”

BNP news article, 7 August 2005

However, a closer reading of the Expatica report indicates that it wasn’t in fact “the Dutch public” whose views were surveyed: “TNS Nipo questioned 433 adults – 292 government employees and 50 municipal aldermen – for the poll.”