BBC broadcasts BNP’s anti-Muslim hatred

Nazi scum“Let me repeat what I said on Radio 4’s Today programme yesterday morning: The Koran has some tolerant verses, but they are outweighed by ones which are either blatantly intolerant and full of hate towards unbelievers or – to be charitable – can be interpreted as intolerant and full of hate towards unbelievers. It is not a Book of Peace but a handbook for conquering other peoples’ countries – through a combination of example, persuasion, guile, coercion and naked violence.

“Until the Muslim Council of Britain and their fellow ‘moderates’ accept this, and at least try to address, condemn and reform away the elements that ‘justify’ coercion and violence, then their insistence that the only methods by which it is acceptable to spread Islam are example and persuasion must be taken as springing from guile rather than sincerity and truth.”

Nick Griffin in his “Chairman’s Column”, BNP website, 13 July 2005

It is of course a disgrace that this Nazi should have been allowed airtime on Radio 4, as though he represented a legitimate point of view, in order to spread his message of anti-Muslim hatred. Not only that, but he was given a relatively easy ride by Jim Naughtie.