BBC refuses to screen play about Islamic threat to freedom of speech

Well, that’s the headline to an article in the Daily Telegraph. The play is the theatre-dance piece Can We Talk About This?, currently being performed at the National Theatre, which reportedly treats Ray Honeyford as a legitimate critic of multiculturalism and Geert Wilders as a hero of free speech.

If the BBC had indeed refused to screen a play which promoted racists and Islamophobes like Honeyford and Wilders, they would certainly have a point. But there is no evidence to suggest that the play was even being considered for broadcast.

The Telegraph report quotes a spokesperson for BBC director-general Mark Thompson as stating: “We are currently working with the National on various ideas. There are currently no plans to broadcast Can We Talk About This?, but this is not due to the play’s content or themes.”

Still, no point letting the facts get in the way of another scaremongering headline about “how Islam is curtailing freedom of speech”, as the Telegraph puts it, is there?

Update:  Predictably, over at Jihad Watch Robert Spencer denounces “more dhimmitude from the BBC”.