Belfast woman exposed as EDL-supporting racist

Margaret BrophyA former North Belfast Catholic schoolgirl who travels to England to take part in mass anti-Muslim marches organised by the extreme right wing group the English Defence League (EDL) has been exposed by her former fiancé.

Margaret Brophy, who attended Little Flower Girls’ school and who lives in the Cliftonville area, regularly travels to England to take part in the often hate-filled marches and has even been pictured stewarding an event in Bristol.

A Facebook profile under the name Margaret Boomer Brophy has also come under the attention of a number of websites aimed at identifying members of the anti-Muslim group. Vile racist ‘jokes’ posted on Brophy’s Facebook refer to Islam as Pisslam with the rest of the content being too offensive to reprint.

On some of the sites, the 49-year-old mother and carer is branded as the “Irish Angel” – Angels being the name of the women’s wing of the group – and numerous racist posts and insults made under her name are shown.

Her former fiancé David Ewing said he wanted to highlight his ex-partner’s involvement with the group to the unsuspecting North Belfast community where she lives and works.

In some of the images posted online Ms Brophy can be seen standing under EDL flags and slogans and is even pictured with EDL founder and former leader Tommy Robinson. Comments posted on the Facebook page and EDL linked forums under her name include jokes about ‘pakis’ and Muslims.

Her former partner said that he only realised the extent of Brophy’s involvement after searching her name on the internet. Speaking to the North Belfast News he said that he was worried a “hate filled ideology” was being allowed to grow in North Belfast.

“We now have a mixed community in the area and many religions are integrated in the area,” said David. “This woman is walking around the Antrim Road as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth and unknown to the people she meets on a regular basis. You don’t know who else is involved in this group with the messages they put out, it’s frightenng.”

The North Belfast News contacted Brophy about her involvement but has not been given a response.

North Belfast News, 10 October 2014

Two of the sites that have detailed Brophy’s vile racist comments are EDL News and Portsmouth Nazi Watch.

Here is Brophy’s Facebook comment on “Pisslam”:

Margaret Brophy on 'Pisslam'

But don’t get the idea that Brophy just hates Muslims and “Pakis” – she’s very much an all-purpose bigot. Here she is expressing her support for a fellow EDLer whose racist posts got him kicked off Facebook:

Margaret Brophy likes antisemitism