Blair must overturn 40 years of mistakes, says Mark Steyn

“We complain about ‘unassimilated’ Muslim immigrants, but in some respects they’ve assimilated too well. Witness the suspected Tube bomber who on his arrest last week cried: ‘I have rights!’ He and his colleagues demonstrate an impressive mastery of the salient features of the advanced social democratic state – the legalisms, the ethnic pandering, the bureaucratic inertia.”

Mark Steyn in yet other rant in the Daily Telegraph, 2 August 2005

But tell us, Mark, what should Tony Blair do?

“He has to regain control of Britain’s borders from the EU and of Britain’s education system from the teachers’ unions and of Britain’s welfare programmes from wily Somalis and others…. If ‘the images of ruin and destruction’ come to pass, it will not be because of the bombers but because of a state that lacked the cultural confidence to challenge them.”