Blair speech provokes ‘debate’ on the Sun’s website

On 7 December the Sun reported Blair’s now notorious speech on integration, multiculturalism and Muslims under the headline “PM: Immigrants must conform”. A discussion on the Sun‘s website provides an appalling but enlightening insight into the sort of bigotry that Blair’s speech has encouraged and legitimised.

Typical comments read:

“What the hell happened? The same man who has let immigration and PC Loonies spiral out of control is now saying people need to respect the Brit way of life?”

“WHAT IS THIS FOOL UP TO? It’s too late now. You let them all in. It’s all talk as usual. The damage has been done, and his multicultural experiment has failed.”

“Be tolerant or not become part of British society? Most foreigners don’t want to be part of our society anyway, you prat. They just come here and form their own societies anyway, they don’t give a toss about British society.”

“Britain is a Christian culture; those of other cultures who do not want to accept this should not attempt to immigrate here or if here now should leave and return to where they can exercise their culture as they wish.”

“President Blair should have been saying this 10 years ago… we are now almost a muslim state!!!”

“Blair’s rambling speech was a feeble and pathetic u turn on the multi culti experiment that has gone from bad to worse…. So different then from the previous speeches on the benefits and ‘enrichment’ of immigration we have endured for the past nine years. Blair will not go into the history books as one of the world’s leading statesmen as his ego craves, but will instead be remembered as Britain’s worst political leader and the man who sold out his own people by turning the UK into an Island outpost for criminals and the dregs of humanity from every poor third world country on the globe.”

“… fact is that you cannot be a good muslim if you do not support jihad. It is mentioned several times in the Koran. An this superior attitude and many other offensive ideologies are the basis of the hadith. Which in my opinion is the muslim ‘mien kampf’ a Nazi style book…it Tells Muslims to not mix with unclean peoples like Christians or Jews and to kill them were they will not subdjigate to Islam or conform to shariah.”

“Read up on the muslim sites and see how radical they are!! especially, as they want to make the UK a state of Islam.”

“… there is no such thing as a moderate muslim, if you don’t follow islam you are the enemy and must be destroyed. islam is a modern plage that needs to be stopped.”

“if some Muslims think they can blame British foreign policy for their disenchantment and their islamic radicalism, forget it. Many of us don’t necessarily approve of all the UK foreign policy but that does not mean we decide to kill our fellow Britons!”

“The BNP is the only party that will put serious thought to sorting this mess out, certainly not Blair and Prescott, and certainly NOT Brown.”

“BNP are not fascists, just watching out for their own back yard, as you would for your own family. Any way, you can not get a more Fascist state than Islam. Indeed, Islams control over its people, is to the extreme end of Fascism, read the Koran and the SHIRIAH law that Muslims should adhere to, is that the world in which you wish to live.”

“why wait till now you should have said this when you first came in to office youv’e let to manny people in to the uk that you know nothing about (mr bliar how manny terrorist have you let in ) let me guess you have no idea how manny new arrivals get checked for aids or tb again no idea.”

“Will this do any good NO, NO, NO. Least ways not until there is a full stop to all migration and adherence to our country’s laws. We are full, no vacancies…. We must keep our eye on the ball as there is the earnest desire by strong radical fringe muslims to make England an Islamic state subservient to Shiriah LAW.”

“I too had some awful pre-concieved ideas about BNP until I read their policies and Political agenda, they seemed in the main to me, to be common sense, advocating a policy of looking after ones own back yard…. For a real racist agenda read Shiriah Law and the Koran, they actually advocate killing Jews and the destruction of Israel and the execution of none Muslims if they refuse to bow to the will of Allah. Muslim LAw requires that the entire world must ultimately surrender to Islams Rule and Law against non Muslims is the duty of all able bodied Muslims.”

“Immigrants come here, find others of the same nationality/religion and just swell their ranks, creating mini states, for want of a better term, the aim being to get their own way by sheer weight of numbers, aided by P.C.”

“We are having religion rammed down our throats every day, mainly Muslim crap. Millions of our tax money is being wasted on immigrants who for the most part we don’t want here anyway, thousands of houses are being given away to people who have only been in this country for 5 minutes…. Blair, who has destroyed our culture, introduced an ‘interbreeding’ future for all … saying that Immigrants should fit in !!!! the bloody idiot has already screwed this country up past the point of no return and is forcing British people to leave the country in their thousands (and by British I mean British, not those that have been here 5 minutes) the no return point has been and gone, I do not feel this is my country anymore or my culture or in fact a place I want my children to grow up in.”

“… rather than abandon our Country as migrants have abandoned theirs, we should show true British steel of integrity, mind and determination in fighting to get our country back. There are 2 major problems we have to face, the EU and Islamic ambition to control the world and the UK. Perhaps it is time to consider alternatives to the 3 current main political parties by voting for one that looks after its own. perhaps UKIP or BNP. If not, as some of my workmen joked in discussion said, ‘perhaps we should start our own equivalent army to the IRA, such as the England Liberation Army (ELA)’.”

“Sign me up for the E.L.A. forthwith, they are trying to enslave our way of thinking with all this ONE WAY p.c. crap, has anyone noticed that all p.c. edicts are about stopping things that are inherently ENGLISH, it never works FOR the English, it’s always ‘in case it offends ethnic minorities’! … Who cares about us? If that happens to be the B.N.P., then so be it, where do I put my X. There’s more chance of plaiting fog than immigrants conforming, they’re laughing their tits off at us, at our expense!”

“Unfortunately we could be too late to make any changes peacefully by political means especially as the EU has got a strangle hold on us. ELA sounds good to me.”

“if just a few B.N.P got to be MPs just enough so peaple would have to sit up and listen. it would have to be a good thing for the british peaple.”

“Say what you like about Blair, but he, his government and their sycophants have, in the last ten years, turned Englishmen into second-class citizens in their own country. We have been pushed – no, kicked to the bottom of the pile for the comfort of every ungrateful ingrate the world has dumped on us. Our feelings, sensitivities and heritage have been ridden over roughshod to appease ranting minorities.”

“At the moment is appears that certain ethnic minorities want to change our way of life to theirs. Not to mention that the application of our laws seem to be used against the majority of Brits for the benefit of ethnic minorities.”

“I really do not know how Blair as the bloody cheek to make a comment like this. He is the one who for the past ten years has let all and sundry into this country with no checks on anything ie health, criminal record, the ability to support themselves, and many more. Due to the lunatic open door policy our prisons are filling with foreign criminals, our schools are struggling with pupils in increasing numbers who do not speak English, the NHS is overburdened with treating people who have contributed nothing while we the indigenous populace join waiting lists and I hate to think how much of the taxpayers money goes to aid and support an increasing immigrant population who have contributed nothing.”

“The comments on here are not racist, just the views of an increasingly unhappy population on what they are seeing on a daily basis, that we are being taken for idiots by the worlds sick, lame and lazy!”

“All this mulit-culturalism crap has done is to make more Brits in fact English people more patriotic and determined than before. I am now even more proud of my flag, of my culture and being English than ever before. I will be damned if I am going to let a load of immigrants swamp us with their demands.”

“Tony Blair is a disgrace to British Government and his policies and promises are hypocritical and offensive to the great, white, Christian people of this glorious country. Im a great believer in the teachings and prophecies of Enoch Powell and believe that had we adopted his policy of stopping ALL immigration and sending the immigrants that were here, back to where they came from, we would not be experiencing the severely detrimental problems that we are facing in present day Britain. I say send ALL different races and cultures back to where they came from in order to preserve this great county’s heriatge and pride, as well as economical status. ‘ENOCH WAS RIGHT’ No Surrender.”

“The problem with this country at the moment is that no only won’t the immigrants make an effort to adapt but they are trying to change our way of life to theirs.”

“… a couple of years ago a Muslim group in south Yorkshire lobbied Blunket to have its own state of Islam in a Yorkshire town with its own Government, laws and borders. Blunket didn’t say NO> he said the time isn’t yet right!!!”

“… it seems that most of these imigrants have no respect for us see us as an easy get rich country with lots of benefits, but expect us to respect them and conform to there beliefs. All i see in this country is churches been replaced with town houses and mosques popping up everywhere, and we wonder why so many uk people are leaving this country.”