BNP backs bish

The fascist British National Party has applauded the anti-Muslim comments by the Bishop of Rochester. They are particularly taken with the Bishop’s observation, in relation to Muslims, that “there can never be sufficient appeasement and new demands will continue to be made” – which is of course what the fascists themselves have repeatedly asserted.

The BNP’s Kent correspondent adds: “It is increasingly apparent that there are a growing number of people within the Church of England who are prepared to publicly express their concerns on issues related to the growth and influence of Islam in Britain in these troubled times – this is all to the good!”

BNP regional report, 5 November 2006

Charles Johnson is equally enthusiastic about the bishop’s call for an end to the appeasement of Islam: “This is exactly right, and has been borne out time and time again. It’s a primitive, tribal mentality that exists outside of rationality.”

Little Green Footballs, 5 November 2006