‘BNP call to ban Muslims from our skies’

BNP demonstration“Once again, British people are being inconvenienced by the activities of home grown Muslim terrorists who, it appears, have conspired to plant bombs on passenger planes leaving the UK…. The British National Party Executive’s solution to this problem is to ban immediately, ALL MUSLIMS from flying out of (and in to) Britain until the security situation has been fully resolved.”

BNP news article, 10 August 2006

In a further item on the subject, the fascists write:

“Many Muslim leaders who claim to be community spokesmen have tried to reassure the population at large that there is not a significant terrorist threat in this country from their community. They have gone out of their way to emphasis that recent high-profile raids have wrongly singled out members of their community. In words tantamount to blackmail they have suggested that if this targetting of their communities continues there is a risk of unrest. As such it should be obvious to all that there is an orchestrated and devious attempt to obstruct the job of our security services in a calculated Islamocentric and politically motivated manner.

“The raids today which appear to have been carried out after lengthy and detailed intelligence operations may have thankfully saved several thousand innocent lives and spared thousands more the grief of losing a family member or friend in an horrific orgy of murder and carnage over the Atlantic. The raids once again undermine the stance of the Muslim spokesmen who claim there is no threat from their community.

“Our readership should observe very closely the way in which Labour and the BBC put the security of this country at risk by downplaying the real threat in an attempt to preserve ‘community cohesion’.

“Further let’s demand an apology from these so-called community spokesmen made directly to the non-Muslim majority population for the massive disruption, fear and financial damage that members of their community have inflicted upon us today.”

BNP news article, 10 August 2006