BNP welcomes Rod Liddle programme

Rod Liddle“Once again, Channel 4 has shown a welcome willingness – albeit on still all too rare occasions – to air ‘politically incorrect’ views. Tonight’s anti-immigration polemic by Rod Liddle wasn’t perfect by any means, but by the woeful standards of the self-censoring liberal-left prigs at the BBC it was very much, a breath of fresh air….

“Let’s have another about the clear links between Koranic teachings about the lowly status of women and Kufrs (Unbelievers) and the spreading cancer of male Muslim gangs preying on young teenage white and Sikh girls. Let’s have a third about the shocking level of support for al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists among British-born Muslims.”

The BNP welcomes Rod Liddle’s Channel 4 programme ‘Immigration is a Time Bomb’.

BNP news article, 10 March 2005