Britain First advises supporters to avoid Bradford, Dewsbury and all of East London

Britain First advice on how to avoid 'scum'

Far-right political group Britain First has come under fire for advising its supporters to avoid Bradford, Dewsbury and East London.

A supporter wrote a comment on the Britain First Facebook page asking for names of towns that people can no longer go into “cause of the scum”. The admin of the Britain First Facebook page replied with “Bradford, All of East London, Dewsbury, Luton and parts of most major cities”.

The comments were made on 11 December under an image of a Britain First beanie hat.

Exposing Britain First, a Facebook page set up in opposition to the far-right group, believe the “scum” refers to immigrants and the Muslim community who Britain First have been accused of targeting.

A spokesperson for Exposing Britain First said: “A Muslim population of any number is a problem to Britain First. The real question is, why does it matter how high the Muslim or immigrant population of an area is?

“Usually people wouldn’t want to live in a high crime area or a run down area, so why not ask about crime rates, employment opportunities, recreational facilities, schools and economic status of an area?

“Not only did we find the cold hard facts easily enough, but we know people who live in and love Bradford and Dewsbury for diversity and inclusion for which it should be praised.”

Britain First’s Facebook page boasts over 600,000 fans, which makes them more ‘Liked’ on Facebook than any other UK party.

Yorkshire Standard, 16 December 2014