Britain First ‘roadshow’ not going well

Coventry protest against Britain First

In between “invading” mosques and harassing elderly Muslims, the far-right group Britain First have been holding a nationwide “roadshow” aimed at boosting recruitment to their tiny organisation. So far they have held half a dozen meetings across England and Scotland (a seventh, in Bristol, was cancelled), with one yet to come in Belfast.

On Friday the fascists turned up in Coventry, where they were confronted by an impressive 150-strong protest (see photo). Inside the meeting, the numbers were rather smaller. It would seem that buying Facebook likes and generating publicity by threatening mosques doesn’t translate into any great popular enthusiasm for joining one of Britain First’s “battalions”.

Even fewer supporters appear to have turned out for the Swanley leg of the roadshow on Saturday. Not only that, but according to Britain First’s account, while the meeting was under way the police had a word with the manager of the venue, who promptly cancelled the booking and gave them 10 minutes to vacate the premises.