‘Britainistan: The Labour Party is nursing a viper’

“New antiterrorism measures proposed by Britain’s Labour government in late January – including curfews, electronic tagging, and house arrest for terror suspects – were a step in the right direction for a nation increasingly beset by radical Islamists…. Yet, despite the almost-daily reports of terrorist schemes and anti-Semitic attacks coming out of Scotland Yard, some leading Labour-party officials still don’t grasp the severity of the Islamist threat – in fact, they are advancing ideas and policies that would strengthen it…. Rather than condemn the rise of Islamism in Britain, they seek to appease and cajole the country’s restless and growing Muslim minority by bowing to its every demand, no matter how much it would infringe on the rights of the British majority.”

Erick Stakelbeck and Nir Boms in the National Review, 9 February 2005