British MP warns Europe of ‘new anti-Semitism’

“A ‘witches brew’ of Islamic fundamentalists, left-wing intellectuals and neo-Nazis is causing a new resurgence of anti-Semitism to spread across Western Europe and must be tackled, one of the continent’s leading experts on the subject has told The Jerusalem Post in an exclusive interview.

“British Labor MP Dennis MacShane – a close ally of British Prime Minister Tony Blair and co-author of a hard-hitting report on the rise of anti-Semitism across Europe – told the Post in an interview in Berlin on Tuesday that Western Europe was suffering from a ‘new anti-Semitism’ that had to be tackled head-on. Part of this, he claimed, came from some sections of the Islamic communities of Western Europe – both fundamentalists and intellectuals – who were in an unorthodox alliance with left-wingers in propagating anti-Semitic sentiment.”

Jerusalem Post, 22 November 2006