British Muslims want stoning and amputation, Sun warns

“Nearly half of all Muslims living in Britain want harsh Sharia law in THIS country. The strict Islamic legal system – which in extreme cases involves punishments such as STONING and AMPUTATION – applies in hardline Muslim countries.”

Sun, 20 February 2006

In the same paper, Trevor Kavanagh writes: “Can you imagine women walking the streets of Britain wearing Taliban-style burkas? The stoning of adulterous wives? The amputation of limbs for theft? Of course not. It would be barbaric and unthinkable. Yet a new poll shows that four out of ten British Muslims now favour strict Sharia law for their communities…. Riots and protest marches may still be the work of a ferocious minority. But the new poll shows this minority is growing and it is using the cartoons, conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and images from Abu Ghraib prison as recruiting tools.

“Hardliners have a powerful weapon at their disposal – the Muslim faith itself. Imams in 200 UK mosques hark back to Islam’s 7th-century glory days when small armies of determined men swept out of Arabia, conquering Spain and threatening Europe to the gates of Vienna and Paris. The faith teaches that territory, once Islam, is forever Islam. And Jihad – the call for action to support the faith – is the duty of every Muslim…. this ‘call for action’ is now the driving force of those fanning the flames of protest across the Muslim world. They believe they are under orders, not just from Osama bin Laden, but from the Prophet Muhammad himself. Their goal is to Islamicise the world. And for the first time in centuries they believe they can achieve it.”