British sense of fairness vis-a-vis Muslims is on trial

“Islamophobia, as a cultural racism with a religious element, has now flourished and is becoming entrenched in people’s psyche. In the current socio-political environment Islamophobes and anti-Muslim bigots from the counter-jihadist sphere (those who think Islam is the problem, and that Muslims are ‘taking over’) have become emboldened and as a result public space for Muslims has been curtailed. Muslims’ right to civic and political participation, particularly when it comes to criticism of government domestic and foreign policy, is frowned upon. Right wing groups are able to get away with demonising Muslims easily, but standing up to Islamopobia is often seen as a ‘victim mentality’ by some.”

Muhammad Abdul Bari examines the state of anti-Muslim bigotry in the UK today.

Huffington Post, 4 March 2014