Bush urged: ‘Never apologize’ to Muslims

“Some members of the Bush administration have taken a cue from a classic John Wayne Western and are advising their boss to take the film’s advice – ‘Never apologize’ – when dealing with Muslims, reports geopolitical analyst Jack Wheeler.

“In a column on his intelligence website, To the Point, Wheeler explains Wayne’s ‘She Wore a Yellow Ribbon’, made in 1948, though lesser known than many of the star’s films, includes what’s been called one of the top 100 movie quotes of all time. Wayne’s character, Capt. Nathan Brittles, who is facing an Indian attack, advises a junior officer: ‘Never apologize, son. It’s a sign of weakness.’

“It’s that attitude that some employees of the Pentagon, State Department and White House are urging President Bush to take when dealing with charges of Quran desecration and other allegations from radical Muslims. They’ve even sent a DVD copy of the film to the commander in chief.”

World Net Daily, 7 June 2005