Campaign launched to boost Rotherham community spirit

A campaign called “Rotherham fights back” is being launched today to challenge far right groups descending on the town in the wake of the sex abuse scandal.

Artists working at the Old Market Gallery are organising workshops entitled “Rotherham Fights Back — Help us brighten up our town” from noon at their Corporation Street premises.

A notice from the group reads: “Have you noticed our town has recently been overtaken by far right groups displaying Islamophobic signs, especially down near the police station and Riverside council building? Want to do something about it? Old Market Gallery certainly do!”

One of the group’s members, Vicky Hilton, said: “Come and help us make some positive signs and images to put up in counter protest to what far right groups are doing to our town. We all work hard to make Rotherham a better place to live, let’s not let these groups undo any of our hard work.

“If anyone has any positive messages, rather than political messages, they would like to have put on the gallery windows let us know. We are going to paint them along with some banners, and banners to put around the town, in shop windows and anywhere we can get away with it really.”

Anyone attending will get the chance to paint their own powerful message, which will be displayed at the Rotherham Show and around our town.

Vicky added: “We must make sure that this causes no more divide. We must come together to show them we, the people of Rotherham, want to live in a united community.”

Rotherham Advertiser, 5 September 2014