Carole Malone – the voice of reason

“In my gym last week, a young white woman was watching coverage of the London bombing on TV. She suddenly turned to me, ashen faced and angry, and said: ‘They’re talking as if this just affects Muslims. Why are we concentrating on placating and reassuring them when we should be concentrating on the dead and injured?’

“And she’s right. In the past week there has been less time spent talking about the victims of London’s 9/11 and more on what this atrocity means to British Muslims. To make matters worse the head of the Muslim Council, Iqbal Sacranie, has been screaming about how we keep referring to the terrorists who killed 54 people and injured 700 more as Muslim extremists: ‘Why not just call them criminals?’ he demanded. And that’s precisely the kind of idiocy that gives root to the political correctness that has allowed this country to become the world headquarters for Islamic terrorism.”

Another thoughtful piece by Carole Malone.

Sunday Mirror, 17 July 2005

But what should we do, Carol? “We can start getting things done by forbidding Tariq Ramadan to come to this country on July 24 on a lecture tour funded by the Met Police to tell us why suicide bombings in Iraq are justified. We can round up every member of Al-Muhajiroun in this country – the organisation which celebrated the death of the victims of September 11 – and chuck ’em out.”

Well, yeah, except that Tariq Ramadan opposes suicide bombings and attacks on innocent civilians, Al-Muhajiroun formally dissolved itself some months ago and therefore doesn’t have any members, and in so far as Omar Bakri still has any organised followers, most of them are British citizens, so where would they be deported to?