Christian Zionists take on Islamists

Evangelical Christians, Zionists and members of the Knesset met together at Central Hall, Westminster, this week to discuss ways to confront radical Islam and revive Christian Zionism in Europe.

The Knesset Christian Allies Caucus – which oversees contacts between Knesset members and Christian leaders – joined the Jerusalem Summit think-tank to consider the need for a joint diplomatic strategy in the face of what many believed is a threatening situation.

“We are in a critical season and crossroads for Great Britain, which is a test case for the challenge of Islam,” said one Christian delegate, Christine Darg, head of the UK-based Exploits Ministry.

Israeli speakers, including Knesset members Benny Elon and Orit Noked, called for co-ordination among members of both faiths to support Israel. “The Bible is the real bridge between us,” said Rabbi Alon, a member of the National Religious Party.

Other participants included Baroness Cox, Canon Andrew White and British Jewish philanthropist Cyril Stein.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 February 2007