‘Closing the book on Koran abuse’

Paul Sperry dismisses the ludicrous stories about desecration of the Qur’an at Guantánamo.

“Despite what rioting Islamic fanatics around the world want to believe, the US did not authorize any interrogators to desecrate the Koran to rattle Muslim detainees at Gitmo – at least not according to a military intelligence memo I’ve obtained. Distributed in early 2003 by an Army JAG officer, the sensitive internal document lists approved techniques for interrogating Taliban and al-Qaida detainees at the for interrogating Taliban and al-Qaida detainees at the US military prison in Guantánamo, Cuba, and none of those techniques include defiling the book Muslims hold sacred. No flushing it down the commode or laying it in the toilet seat; not stomping or spitting on it.”

Front Page Magazine, 23 May 2005

So that’s all right, then. It didn’t appear in the handbook, so it didn’t happen. Presumably the same argument applies to those other ridiculous tales about torture and murder of prisoners at Bagram and Abu Ghraib.