Club removes drink firm logo for ‘Muslim jerseys’

rfcIt’s not often that this member of the Islamophobia Watch collective can be heard praising Rangers Football Club but we’ve got to hand it to them for providing their supporters with the option of buying replica kit without their sponsor’s logo.

This has been done in direct response to Muslim fans of Rangers who didn’t want to be seen promoting alcohol.

Osama Saeed, Scottish spokesperson for the Muslim Association of Britain, made an excellent point in broadening out the issue of alcohol saying:

“Muslims are prohibited from selling, serving and promoting alcohol so this has been a difficult issue for Muslim fans of Rangers for many years.

“We do welcome the move by Rangers but there are wider issues of whether it’s responsible for football clubs to be promoting alcohol in this way.

“I would imagine other non-Muslims would not want their children particularly wearing alcohol branding.”

The story has had wide coverage in Scotland. See Press Association and Glasgow Evening Times.