Come on Robert, speak up!

MP Stewart Jackson is to play a key role in fostering better relations with the country’s Muslim community, as a member of an Islamic Parliamentary Committee. Mr Jackson, who was elected as Conservative MP for Peterborough city this year, has been made secretary of the All Parliamentary Friends of Islam at a critical time for Muslim relations in the country and around the world. He now plans to play a key role in encouraging the nation to become more knowledgeable and understanding about the Islamic faith and reach out to Muslims in the community.

He said: “What this group is about is trying to improve understanding so that people are aware that Islam is essentially a peaceful and law-abiding religion. It is important that people are aware that the actions that have been carried out by some people in the name of Islam are not representative of the religion. They are only representative of a small, extremist group and it is important that the real face of Islam is put to the community at large.”

Peterborough Today, 22 August 2005

And so far Jihad Watch has failed to take a stand against this abject example of creeping dhimmitude. What is Robert Spencer playing at? Is he prepared to remain silent while members of the Tory party undermine the defence of western civilisation and facilitate Islam’s plans for world domination?