Comments at Jihad Watch on the London bombings

Robert Spencer’s admirers offer their insights into the causes and consequences of the London attacks:

“Every fibre in my being has anger in it and every bit of it is directed to Islam.”

“This is Islam – the TRUE one. Islam is EVIL.”

“And is Red Ken going to condemn the attacks, since he’s been cultivating these Islamic types for so long? And George Galloway?”

“I am sick of multiculturism and the Islamic colonialization it spreads. I am sick of Moslems whining that they are fucking ‘misunderstood’…. What can we expect when Moslems are imported en masse into Europe.”

“I am at a loss for words, but would like to express my complete and utter disgust for moslems throughout the world and their cult of death that causes, sanctions and encourages carnage such as this through the filthy, disgusting koran. You are ALL Shameful beasts of Satan, who should be made to pay a very heavy price!”

“I hope the Bill that restricts criticism of Islam has not gone through the House of Lords yet.”

“Meanwhile the Muslim Council of Britain has condemned the attacks and has asked for ‘calm’. They always ask for calm. Never do these sick people ask for ‘calm’ from islamic jihadis.”

“When is the world going to come out and call the bastards what they are; terrorists intent on world domination in the name of a ‘religion’ started by a murderous pedophile which advocates murder, rape, lying, theft, intimidation, and slavery.”

Jihad Watch, 7 July 2005