Confront Muslim extremists – Reid

John ReidExtremist Muslim “bullies” must be faced down so there is space for rational debate, Home Secretary John Reid has told the Labour conference.

Mr Reid was recently heckled when he urged Muslim parents to guard against their children being radicalised. But he signalled he and other ministers would go out to urge communities to root out extremism. “We will not be brow beaten by bullies, that’s what it means to be British,” he told Labour delegates.

And he said his controversial visit to Waltham Forest in east London last week may have been his first visit but it would not be his last. “Because if we in this movement are going to ask the decent, silent majority of Muslim men – and women – to have the encourage to face down the extremist bullies, then we need to have the courage and character to stand shoulder to shoulder with them doing it.”

He said there would be no “no go” areas: “We will go where we please , we will discuss what we like.”

BBC News, 28 September 2006