Cronulla riots caused by multicultural education

“In Western Australia, as evidenced by the Curriculum Framework document, students are told they must value ‘the perspective of different cultures’ and ‘recognise the cultural mores that underpin groups and appreciate why these are valued and important’. The curriculum policy of the South Australian branch of the AEU is underpinned by ‘five core values’. One of the underlying values is that there should be respect for diversity and ‘no discrimination on any grounds’.

“The contradictions and weaknesses evident in the way multiculturalism has been taught in schools are manifold. Tolerance, the rule of law and a commitment to the common good are the very values needed if people are to live peacefully together. Cultural relativism and an uncritical acceptance of diversity denies such values…. Nobody should condone the violence in Cronulla perpetrated by those wearing the Australian flag or the actions of young Lebanese Muslims abusing women, destroying property and burning churches. But we also need to recognise that the PC approach to teaching multiculturalism in schools in part underpins the recent violence.”

Kevin Donnelly in The Australian, 19 December 2005