DA accepts charges in ‘H8’ mosque vandalism case

Victoria County Criminal District Attorney Stephen Tyler accepted charges on at least one of the juveniles accused of vandalizing a mosque.

Tyler met with those at the mosque Tuesday and visited with defense attorneys. “I believe this will be resolved in a manner that’s beneficial to the young man, the community and, most importantly, those that were offended – those who worship there,” Tyler said. “It’s got to play itself out in the next couple of weeks.” The juvenile faces a vandalism graffiti charge, a class A misdemeanor, he said.

The letter “H” and the number “8,” a common computer shorthand for “hate,” were sprayed on the wall of Victoria Islamic Center on July 10.

“We found the members of the mosque to be extraordinarily gracious and patient, and they are concerned about the proper upbringing of these young folks,” Tyler said. “(They want to make sure) that they are brought up properly, as all Americans, to be accepting of their neighbors, inclusive of those who follow a different creed and a different religion.”

Victoria Advocate, 12 September 2013