‘Danger signs’ of Islamic extremism

The United American Committee, which describes itself as “a federation of concerned Americans, promoting awareness of Islamic extremist threats in the US”, have asked Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch for a list of warning signs that a given Muslim spokesperson may be a terrorist supporter. He has supplied them with a 7-point summary which features such self-evident indications of Al-Qaida sympathies as “demanding that Americans accommodate Islamic customs and practices”, “denying that Sharia forbids equal rights for women” and “complaints of Muslims being unfairly targeted in the War On Terror”. The UAC have included Spencer’s list in a draft statement which they intend to distribute among US Muslims, and have appended the following helpful advice: “If you hear or see any of these danger signs in your Mosque or neighborhood, leave the area immediately. Do not speak with anyone and call the local authorities right away.”

See Jihad Watch, 10 October 2005