David Davis renews attack on multiculturalism

David DavisA month after the 7/7 bomb attacks in London last year, David Davis, the shadow home secretary, wrote in The Daily Telegraph that multiculturalism had failed Britain, called for Muslims to unite behind “common values of nationhood” and said the Government “should not flinch from demanding tolerance and respect for the British way of life”.

Last night, Mr Davis returned to the subject, more convinced than ever that urgent action was needed to slam the multiculturalism juggernaut into reverse. Multiculturalism had encouraged a divided society and led to a “splintering of loyalties which is a threat to modern society”, he said. “Britain has closed societies within an open society, and the situation has been made worse by the Government’s policy of neglect. For too long there has been a habit of tiptoeing around issues, particularly with respect to Muslim communities. This has led to the sort of problems that have fostered terrorism in our own country.”

Sunday Telegraph, 8 October 2006