David T gets something right shock

BNP Islam Out of BritainYes, it does occasionally happen. Over at Harry’s Place, David T quite rightly urges support for Saturday’s important Unite Against Fascism rally in Dagenham against the fascist British National Party.

What attracts the attention of this blog, however, is the response of Harry’s Place readers to David T’s proposal, which is almost uniformly and sometimes rabidly hostile. It’s all well and good to support an anti-racist rally, but David T should ask himself this – what role is his website in fact playing in relation to the growth of racism if it attracts vicious anti-Muslim bigots and outright fascist sympathisers like these?

Here is a sample of the comments:

“You’re kidding aren’t you? You call these guys fascist when, as far as I’m aware, they don’t even advocate violence. And they have been the single strongest voice against the Islamicisation of Britain.”

“Can you name a stronger voice against the Islamicisation of Britain? … Which British political party has more strongly condemned the Islamicisation of Britain than the BNP?”

“I’ve never heard Nick Griffin advocate violence but for the sake of argument, let’s say he does. Then the question becomes who is the greater threat? And, David T, ask yourself this. On your UAF march, will you be allying yourself with islamo-fascists and their sympathisers?”

“… can’t we agree that it’s the Islamists and not the BNP who are the issue… Surely by denouncing the only strong voice against islamists you’re fundamentally weakening our stance against them.”

“I’m sure that just about everyone can find something that they agree with the BNP about. If Nick Griffin says that the sky is blue do I have to believe that it isn’t or else I’m a Nazi?”

“The political elites are AWOL when it comes to dealing with mass-immigration…. If the average working class Brit thought he could legally migrate to the States you wouldn’t see the streets of Britain for the dust.”

“The religion of Islam is not compatible with Western ideals of freedom…. Islam sucks. It’s the worst religion ever dreamed up by anyone. It’s down right creepy in its all-encompassing nature. Gives me chills just thinking about it.”

“Terrible news from Cape Town. George Galloway is here to tell us how the media badmouth Muslims. As someone on our paper remarked: ‘We don’t badmouth Muslims. Too frightened’.”

“… when the BNP says, ‘immigrants receive housing before locals do’, or some variant of this, it isn’t a complete fabrication. Obviously the BNP can be challenged on many levels, but I don’t think we win any BNP followers over by simply declaring as false BNP assertions that are at least partially correct.”

“David you are wrong. Of course immigrants receive priority. Remember those two Africans who came here and sued Barnet council as they didn’t get two houses for their families, though they’d been here in the country and hadn’t worked. I’m working to pay scum like this to live here. I support the BNP. Everything they have said has been proved right. Now even Labour is realising muliticulturalism is a disaster. Everything Enoch Powel [sic] said came true.”