Dearborn anti-Islam protest today

A man whose rock band sings songs describing violence against Muslims is leading a rally against Islamic law at 3 p.m. today on the steps of Dearborn City Hall. Frank Fiorello, 35, of Marlette is with a band called Crude Legacy and a group called Order of the Dragon. “We’re a peaceful group,” Fiorello said.

Originally, he planned to rally with Quran-burning Pastor Terry Jones in front of a mosque in April, but backed off after meeting with Dearborn officials. Fiorello said today’s rally is “an assembly against radical Islam and shari’a,” which is Islamic law. In the past two years, Dearborn has dealt with accusations that the city is under shari’a, a claim city officials say is ludicrous.

Detroit Free Press, 28 May 2011

Update:  The Detroit News reports that only three members of the Order of the Dragon showed up.