‘Devastating’ attack on Muslim graves

The Mayor of North Lincolnshire today branded the desecration of more than 20 Muslim graves as devastating. The gravestones have been vandalised in two separate areas of Brumby cemetery, and nearly 10 of the damaged graves were of children and babies.

Coun Jawaid Ishaq said the vandalised gravestones included that of a very close friend, Mohammed Abdullah, the first person he met when he moved to Scunthorpe. “This attack is devastating,” he said. “I know 70 per cent of the people buried here, including all the children’s graves. It is heart-breaking that all of a sudden some thugs have done this.”

Twenty-four Muslim headstones were knocked over or damaged in the Cemetery, on Cemetery Road, Scunthorpe.

Coun Ishaq said: “This is purely a racist attack as it has just been Muslim graves. It is a clear-cut situation. I have lived in North Lincolnshire for 45 years and I have never seen anything like this. This morning, when I found out, I felt so low as to what can happen in your own town.”

Coun Mashook Ali has also condemned the attacks. He said: “I am appalled after hearing about this incident. We all need to be respected and especially our dead, regardless of religious denomination. I hope this never happens again.”

Scunthorpe Telegraph, 14 August 2008  (Via MPACUK)

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