Don’t blame AIDS on Muslims

It is hardly surprising that Muslims feel singled out for unfavorable categorization by the West. AIDS is a global threat which is ravaging Africa and threatens to do the same in populous Asia. But a supposedly concerned U.S. think-tank has chosen to present the threat in religious terms.

The report of the National Bureau of Asian Research entitled “Behind the Veil of a Public Health Crisis; HIV/AIDS in the Muslim world” proclaims that this is a “heretofore largely unexplored problem” and demands that “countries in the Muslim world tackle these problems now.” It sees the Muslim world as one and describes the spread of HIV among Muslims as “the newest phase in the global pandemic.”

Ironically, this attempt to link Islam and AIDS denial has coincided with a UNAIDS meeting in Kobe, Japan, focusing on the situation and outlook in Asia, which clearly shows how the issue cuts across all religious and political divides.

New York Times, 7 July 2005

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