‘Don’t mention the religion…’

“How I wish that Betfair had a bet available on the number of times the anchor of tonight’s BBC 10 O’Clock News mentions the religion of the eleven alleged terrorists charged today. I’d plump for zero.

“UPDATE: It took 9 minutes – which included the anchor’s intro, the main report by the Home Affairs Correspondent and the report by the Security Correspondent – before any mention was made that there was a common link of any sort between those charged. So no mention whatsoever of the fact that they were Muslim.

“Then at 10.10 there was a report specifically about the reaction of ‘the community’ in Waltham Forest. No initial mention of the nature of ‘the community’ to which the reporter, Robert Hall, was referring – ie Muslim – but given that he was standing outside a mosque, and he talked about coming home from work for prayers, I think one could reasonably infer he meant Muslim. And half way into the report he did, indeed, use the ‘M word’.”

Stephen Pollard’s weblog, 21 August 2006