‘Dundee students recruited by terrorist groups’

“Islamic fundamentalists have used Dundee University as a recruiting ground for terrorists, a new study will warn this week. Shamsul Bahri Hussein, a suspect in the Bali bombing, was recruited at the institution, which is one of 30 universities that have been targeted by terror groups, it is claimed.

“Professor Anthony Glees, author of the study, is convinced that Hussein was recruited by militants while studying applied mechanics at Dundee in the 1980s. He is one of eight suspects wanted in connection with the 2002 bombing, which claimed 200 lives.

“‘What is clear is that Shamsul Bahri Hussein was a student at Dundee University’, said Glees, whose study, When Students Turn to Terror, coincides with a planned crackdown on radical student organisations by the government.”

Sunday Times, 18 September 2005

Yes, and that is about the only thing that is clear. Glees’s report states that Hussein “read applied mechanics at Dundee” … and that’s all! The report contains not a shred of evidence that even a single student was recruited to a terrorist group at Dundee University.