East End stands against EDL

The English Defence League is a violent, bigoted organisation and an embarrassment to our country. They should be condemned everywhere, but will be particularly unwelcome if they come to Tower Hamlets. Most people in the East End live in peace and mutual respect for neighbours, regardless of their faith or skin colour. As residents and workers in the borough, we will not tolerate attempts to divide us or stir up hatred. The real enemies of Tower Hamlets are poverty and inequality, not Islam. At Cable Street in 1936 the people of the East End united to block the way to Mosley’s fascist blackshirts. We stand ready to do the same to the EDL.

Glyn Robbins, Cllr Helal Abbas Leader, Tower Hamlets council, Mowlana Shamsul Hoque and Musaddiq Ahmed Chair and secretary general, Council of Mosques, Tower Hamletsand 24 others

Guardian, 2 June 2010