EDL activist racially abused Muslim shopkeeper who offered help

Craig Dumper Owens EDL

A racist yob shouted vile obscenities at a pizza shop owner after the businessman offered him a tissue to wipe his blooded nose.

Craig Anthony Owens was outside Fatso’s Pizzeria, in York Road, Hartlepool, and was drunk. Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court heard the 29-year-old had a cut to his nose which was bleeding. The owner of the take-away, Maboob Hussain, came out of the shop and offered the defendant some tissue paper to stem the bleeding. But it was then that the tirade of abuse started.

Prosecuting, Joanne Hesse, said: “The incident occurred about 9.30pm and the defendant was drunk at the time. The defendant had a cut to his nose which was bleeding and the shop owner came outside and offered him some tissue paper to help clean up the blood. The defendant became abusive and aggressive towards Mr Hussain.

“He was swearing and saying things like ‘why would I take that off you, you Muslim, you’re not British’. Mr Hussain asked him to move away from the shop, to which Owens shouted ‘why should I leave I’m British’. There were other members of public present too.”

The court heard how Owens also shouted derogatory terms about Allah.

Mrs Hesse also read an extract from Mr Hussain’s victim impact statement, which said: “I’ve worked in Hartlepool for many years and this is the worst abuse I’ve had.”

The defendant, of Bruce Crescent, in the West View area of Hartlepool, pleaded guilty to using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour which was racially aggravated on September 14.

Mitigating, John Relton, said his client was sorry for his behaviour and cannot remember the incident as he had been drinking all day.

He said: “My client was inebriated at the time and it is no surprise to learn that he has no recollection of behaving in this manner. He was also abusive to other people present not just to this individual. My client is not proud of what he’s done, it was totally unacceptable behaviour. I have instructions to apologise on his behalf.”

Chairman of the bench Patricia Hutchison fined Owens £180, ordered him to pay £120 compensation, £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

Hartlepool Mail, 6 October 2014

Craig “Dumper” Owens is a longtime activist in the English Defence League.

As you can see from the screenshot above, only two days before he subjected Mr Hussain to a tirade of racist abuse Owens updated his Facebook profile picture to proclaim his membership of the EDL’s Hartlepool division, in which he has played a leading role.

A year ago Owens was convicted of threatening behaviour after he tried to attack anti-fascists who were protesting against an EDL demonstration in South Shields.

The idea that Owens’ behaviour was merely the result of drunkenness is of course nonsense. He has made no secret of his attitude towards Muslims and their faith:

Craig Owens anti-Islam tweets

He also has a record of calling for violence against Muslims:

Craig Owens calls for armed struggle and civil war