EDL could target Ely over Muslim community centre plan

The English Defence League (EDL) could target Ely following its march in Cambridge. Muslims want to build a “miniature mosque” at Paradise Centre fields, but the EDL could take to Ely’s streets against it.

Arbury resident Ross Ground, 32, a member of EDL’s Cambridge Division, said: “I cannot confirm there will be a march in Ely but members of the East Anglian branch who came on Saturday said they were looking into it if the plans for a mosque go ahead.”

The management committee of the Ely centre told the city’s Muslims it would lease them part of its land if they gained planning permission. The group has around 50 members who gather inside the centre on Fridays.

Mohammed Tahir, from Ely, said: “The EDL have threatened to march in Ely if the Muslim community of Ely go ahead with plans to build a mosque here.”

Cambridge News, 12 July 2011

See also Ely Weekly News, 16 February 2011

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