EDL leaders’ Scandinavian tour cancelled

We have previously covered the difficulties the “counterjihad” publication Dispatch International has faced in booking meetings in Malmö and Copenhagen for English Defence League leaders Stephen Lennon and Kevin Carroll.

Earlier this week DI regretfully announced that the EDL speaking tour has now been called off: “Rarely has an arrangement met with so many problems. First we couldn’t rent a hall and now we have to cancel the meeting altogether.”

The news will no doubt have come as a great disappointment to those who had hoped to hear the EDL leaders explain what their organisation stood for and refute slanders against it, for example the accusation that it consists of “a bunch of violent football hooligans”.

The reason for the cancellation? “A spokesman for the EDL has informed us that the police have impounded Tommy Robinson’s passport for the weekend of September 28-29 because they fear that he would go abroad and take part in football hooliganism….”