‘Facts for Islamic apologists who justify London bombings’

“Ken Livingston, the London Mayor, was not the only British Islamic apologist who implicitly tried to justify the London bombings by suggesting that ‘decades of western intervention in the Middle East and the Iraq war could have influenced the bombers’. I have heard many Islamic apologists who are poorly educated in Islam, state similar excuses. Knowingly or unknowingly these Islamic apologists serve to hearten the Islamic extremists.”

FaithFreedom.org, 7 September 2005

So what was the cause of the London bombings, then? Well, apparently it all goes back to the Battle of the Ditch in 5 AH (627 AD), which shows that Muslims just want to kill non-Muslims, and to the Battle of Kerbala in 61 AH (680 AD), which shows that Muslims have no hesitation in killing each other. It’s just a bloodthirsty religion.