Failure to prosecute Guramit Singh smacks of double standards, Sikhs say

Sikhs Against EDL

Members of the British Sikh community say they are disappointed that Guramit Singh, one of the self-styled leaders of the English Defence League (EDL), will now not face charges on suspicion of causing religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress.

His arrest related to the speech that he made at the EDL protest in Peterborough. The video of his speech is freely available on the internet.

The police decision not to proceed further with his case comes only days after the uproar in the media when Emadur Choudhury, an Islamist extremist, was fined only £50 after burning poppies during Remembrance Day last year.

Balwinder Singh Rana from Sikhs Against the EDL said, “This smacks of ‘double standards’. While the media was right to protest against the lenient treatment given to Choudhury for causing an offence to the memory of the fallen soldiers, I think now they should show the same vigour in demanding that Singh should not be allowed to get away for insulting a whole community.

“Guramit Singh, by fronting the EDL, has only brought shame and embarrassment to the Sikh community, but most of the community is united in condemning his actions.”

Varinder Singh, organiser of the Sikhs Against the EDL, said, “At the Luton demonstration against the EDL there was a very strong message sent from the Sikh community that he (Guramit Singh) is an embarrassment. I feel immensely proud seeing the Sikh community unite against the EDL and hold individuals such as Guramit accountable for their actions.”

Asian Image, 11 March 2011

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