Fascist quotes Qur’an to show Islam is not a religion of peace

In an “open letter” to Sir Iqbal Sacranie and the Muslim Council of Britain, BNP leader Nick Griffin writes: “Terrorism; the slaughter of innocents; war against the Unbelievers; mass murder – all are (assuming the words of various Koranic verses are taken to have their ordinary English meanings) ‘justified’ in the Koran, and anyone who denies this is a liar. How can we say such Politically Incorrect things? Because we have studied the Koran….”

BNP website, 9 July 2005

This could have been lifted almost word for word from Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, couldn’t it? In fact, if the racist filth that appears in the comments section of Spencer’s site is a guide to the sort of people who read his writings, it probably was.

Spencer must be really pleased with himself. Not only is he an influence on more “mainstream” right-wingers like Melanie Phillips, but his work also serves as an inspiration to out-and-out Nazis like Griffin.