Fascists attack Jon Cruddas

Jon Cruddas (2)The BNP’s front organisation Civil Liberty launches an attack on Dagenham Labour MP Jon Cruddas:

“Jon Cruddas MP recently spoke at the Islamophobia rally and also at the CRE’s Race Convention, both in London. He called for an amnesty for illegal entrants and bogus asylum-seekers. He has also supported a special house building programme for illegal migrants….

“Incredibly, Mr Cruddas is a candidate for the deputy leadership of the Labour Party once John Prescott steps down. Other candidates include Harriett Harman, former legal officer of Liberty, our sister [sic] ‘human rights’ group, and wife of the Labour party treasurer, Jack Dromey.”

Civl Liberty news report, 14 December 2006

Watch Jon Cruddas’s speech to the 20 November anti-Islamophobia rally here.