Fascists defend right to incite hatred against Muslims

“The retrial of the Free Speech Two, Nick Griffin and Mark Collett starts in Leeds tomorrow (November 1st). Both men are facing charges of using words likely to incite racial hatred for daring to criticise the failed experiment of multiculturalism and describe the alien religion of Islam as a ‘wicked faith’. A charge which seems utterly ludicrous in the context of all that has been perpetrated in the name of Allah at home and abroad in recent years, never mind the centuries of conflict and bloodshed in the Middle East, North Africa, Iberia and the Balkans.

“For daring to stand up and tell the truth about the threat in our midst the two accused could face up to seven years in prison in a court in a supposed western democracy where ‘the truth is no defence’; a situation akin to the Inquisition or the witchcraft trials of the 17th century.”

BNP news article, 31 October 2006